Current projects:

Cost Engineering as a cross-functional cross-cutting function:

In the holistic reorientation of cost engineering as a cross-functional cross-section function at a leading 1st tier suppliers, we consult our clients in the definition of CE strategy, the organizational structure, the anchoring and optimization of flow processes to employee recruting and qualification. 

Optimization research and development footprint:

Optimization of the research and development footprint of a leading global supplier company, to support global growth strategy. Creating the necessary structural and procedural requirements for localization of selected development tasks and products and cost improvement through the development of best-cost engineering and construction of offshore locations.

Optimization of investment costs:

Optimization of investment costs of a leading car manufacturer in the premium segment. Sustained reduction of investment costs as part of the training and building of new component and vehicle plants, as well as analysis, evaluation, calculation and negotiation of construction, plant and equipment and factory equipment.

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